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Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti will be in New York  in February to begin his project. He'll cover the streets of New York with a long white sheet to capture the energy and the imprints of all people of the City.

The artist doesn't know the English language, but he'll try to invite the Americans to leave their imprints. All sheet will be painted and elaborated to be show in Casa Sicilia.

This project contains an important message, the artist wants communicate a message of peace, bringing on a picture the entire life of the City.

When he'll come back in Siciliy, he'll show  them in an Exhibition in Norman Castle in Acicastello, Ct


"Any person that passes on this world has some responsibilities and something in common with the others: the soul." 

With his creative demonstration Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti, “catanese” artist, will bring on April in the “big apple" "Imprints",  paintings exhibition at “Casa Sicilia”, datum point for the Sicilians in America at the Empire State Building in New York. 

"I have thought to a project that will not only serve to promote my Art but above all an idea of Peace”- he explains – “When we walk we leave imprints. I will stretch some sheets on the sidewalks for five hours around, oiling them with different mixtures and I will allow the people to stamp on these sheets and later I will explain them my artistic project. 

It’s a project  that unites people of any culture, all will bring substances both to material level and energetic, because every body emanates an energy, the negative one and the positive one that make part both of this universe and both have to cohabit." 

The imprints  overlapped  will  create some images, that the artist "looking with the eyes of a child" it will make visible to the others: "Every day I’ll prepare the painting and  create a work, my intent is to finish it for the following day, at the end they will be around forty." 

Its creative universe between sculptures and paintings is  "Casa Museo Sotto l’ Etna", because the Etna is an our allied”- he says-  “the art is  the revelation of his internal world.” 

The myth of the east influences him  and his technique starts from the painting of the shades and from the use and reuse of  the material. 

"All contains Life: the saliva, the dust of the Etna, the varnish of the furniture at restorations. 

In the cloth the body follows the movements of the mind, so many stains are created then I see some lines that start to take form and to make to perceive to the others what my eyes see, I trace them of black, they seem childish drawing, but I make them really childish  to make them understandable to everybody. 

 Inside there is a symbolism that is not studied, a project that is born from the thoughts that  belong to me." 

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