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"According to the contemporary tendencies of the American aesthetic, precisely the Chicago School of Wallheim and Dickie, art is an "intersection of intentions", namely the place of encounter between the author and the public. Thanks to art, an asemantic communicative code, the evolution of humanity proceeds in a highly imaginative dimension as much as a real one.  In Claudio Arezzo di Trifilettiís works, these two dimensions exist side by side: the individual imagination that becomes social in the work itself. The chromatism, the density of the figurative arrangements, the formalization of the colors are all elements that confer to the artistís works an aesthetic valence that must be, in primis, contemplated more so than necessarily understood. The world of current artistic expression is a blend of many trends and therefore often demands a deferment of definitive and clear-cut judgment. In the case of this artistís works, a promising young Sicilian painter, the Mediterranean and European derivations are obvious and at the same time jumbled. It is a radiant, light and luminous painting that often hides an unspoken and intentionally tacit hinterland. For these reasons, perhaps the most productive action that every viewer of Arezzo di Trifilettiís works should adopt is that suggested by Karl Raimund Popper: wonder. According to the great philosopher and contemporary epistemologist, who died in 1995, there cannot be any form of science without an approach of wonder. It is wonder that drives the interest of men, namely the cognitive and emotional disposition that every individual is able to sense towards something or situation. 

The desire to discover what one apparently knows arises from a willingness of the mind: the will to see beyond the obvious to investigate the new.

Arezzo di Trifiletti embodies precisely this attitude, and all his work is its artistic expression, inducing his public and critics to appreciate these discoveries. In effect, it is a continual invitation to search for new colored suggestions, in which it is possible to find a piece of us, still jumbled and dimmed by the inexorable certainties of daily monotony." 

Alessandro  Bertirotti 

"Anthropologist of the Mind, Florence University " 

Elisa Toscano writes in the catalogue:

"Only through art and understanding is it possible to perceive the extraordinary that lies within each of us. It is the moment when one decides to live and not merely to exist. The destination, the way, the journey of life represent the elements of the process of spiritual evolution of the artist which has led him to express himself in art for a long time. Claudio, an artist and wonderful friend, allows us to read his interpretation of reality and the movements of the soul with which he interacts with it. The extraordinary lives in the art of expressing energy, sentiment, spirit and poetry in the color, in the canvas, in the brushwork. 


The colorful spirit of a being that lives like an instrument of art. I do not wish to limit and censure in words what art manages to liberate; Iíll leave the readers of this book the pleasure, for friends the honor, of participating in the life and in the art of Claudio, allowing onself to become imbued with his creations, thereby satisfying the hunger of our spirit through the senses."




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