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January, 16,  2007



IMPRINTS "Impronte "

"A body in movement contains life, the testimony lies in seeing the traces of its movements, its imprints."

Casa Sicilia - The Empire State Building

350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3600D New York

                             From April 9 to April 22,  2007 


Press conference for Italy: Tuesday, February 13  at 5 pm,  Via Etnea 205 Catania. Circolo degli Artisti - Casa Sicilia. 

Information / booking telephone:+39 (0)95 311362 

Exhibition opening : Monday April 9  at 6 pm "New York" 

Time: Until 22, April, 2007, from  10 am  to  7 pm  "Free entry" 


To Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti, an artist somewhere between reality and fantasy, with a certain ethereal quality of the sky. 

Last July, 2006 I was delighted to host your work - with those apparent smiles painted on colored faces of so many sons of this marvelous world - here in the Norman castle, symbol of the territory that I have the honor  to administer.   This castle, apparently static, cold, immobile, almost fixed in time, but touched by life, by an immense sea and town rife with contradictions and yet coherent, of stillness and frantic movement, of life and death, of reality and legend, was filled with color contrasting with the light-dark grey of the lava. 

The first sensation I had on reaching the exhibition space and stopping to admire your works, was that of feeling and seeing so much life: the old castle had awoken again with the energy of your paintings, everyday women, men, children with apparent smiles, those very same smiles that at least for once remained imprinted on their lips and distorted our true expression.   It was a view of our splendid world in which we live, amid different states of mind, skin color, religious creed, age and social condition.  But in your works I didn't sense a divided humanity, distant or in constant struggle, but rather embraced together, almost in your deep desire to see it united, in eternal synchrony.  But meantime, I also managed to rise above the same raw reality to soar toward an intense spirituality that I believe  is your very own, both as an artist and man.  

Well, that Norman castle, once a fortress and means of defense, today a monument of peace, became a messenger of life for thirty days: our very life made up of smiles and weeping, of grey and color, of joy and emotion of the kiss given to your first love, while gazing out to sea from the balcony of the tallest tower, of fear and desperation on hearing from the same place and in front of the same sea, shots and then the sirens that still pierce my heart, and then of hope, of peace and brotherhood and so much open sky. 

I hope, dear Claudio, that you will be able to show your work and to transfer all you have inside through your paintings to many others and in distant countries: the language of your art and its message will arrive in the hearts of many, and of this I’m sure. 

                                                Silvia Raimondo, Mayor of Acicastello (CT)   

The lights of the world are in crisis. ‘Human dignity’ seems to have become something from Mars. The abysmal misery in which this world seems to slumber is however only an apparent matter. There are invisible people that sometimes become dramatically evident. They are the artists, they whose works create possible ways of thinking. Claudio is a dear person for humanity, above all because he has courage.

As the Latin teaches us, having courage means above all having ‘heart’. His paintings, like the colors of his invisibility, are witness to this. Now, in  New York, in that ‘universal space’ that has been struck by such a murderous act, Claudio reminds us that only our imprints, those of everybody, can indeed become - once and for all and in name of those that we have forgotten by now - the origin of our future. The imprints of Claudio are a colored horizon and they exist for our hope.

                                       Alessandro  Bertirotti 

"Anthropologist of the Mind, Florence University "   

Free from all conditioning and appearance. 

Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti has chosen to be.  

He listens to every expression of the face, he sees every noise in the silence, he savours every sound of life, he touches the imperceptibility of the soul. An oriental sensibility lives within a western search for success. 

An explosive match, warm as the pathos that flows in his veins. We live in art everyday, we can create it, recreate it and admire it …but in pursuing time we have also forgotten to observe it. The energy that surrounds him, the thoughts that fill his mind, the curiosity that nourishes his search for answers, the solid certainty of faith, the pleasure of the senses, the pain of privation and human impotence, all smack of the colors that he uses to paint and of the substances he uses in his installations.

Everything is without limits, we cannot define where the artist begins and the man ends. Perhaps because his art goes beyond human feeling. What transpires from the faces in his pictures is the oneness of being, the desire of search and the craving to know.  All the things he touches become art … or  simply he has kept up his amazement and wonder towards life, and, unlike many, the ability to remind us that emotions can be felt. "What is pure art according to the modern conception? It is to create a suggestive magic that can hold both object and subject, the exterior world to the artist, and the artist himself” In the same vein as Baudelaire, the subject is Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti, a charismatic and energetic person, and the object of his pictures is life in all its aspects. In his intense colors and his original installations, we can sense his pain, his joy, his questions and answers, his faith and his being a man. Magic is immediately perceived by those who appreciate his work. 

Now, at 31, the artist has held 14 exhibitions in two years, including participation at the "III Salon International d'Art Figurativ" of Paris, in 2004 and in the Bramante room - "Biennale di Roma" - in 2006. Full of enthusiasm and passion, Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti is preparing to depart for the States where new opportunities await him. 

"Are you looking for the most beautiful art work in New York? It’s in front of you." This graffiti is written on a wall in Wooster Street, in the artistic district of Soho. Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti really starts off from here. But the young Catania artist has never been to New York. In February, ever attentive and radiant with curiosity, he will see the Empire State Building for the first time. Soon after, his exhibition IMPRINTS "Impronte" will open in the space of  "Casa Sicilia", an initiative by the Sicilian  Regional Government to promote our culture in the world. Having been there or not matters little. What is the first image that comes to mind when thinking of New York City? Surely the melting pot of races that populate the streets of the Big Apple. Multi-ethnicity has for a long time been the characteristic of the people that live there. 

Thousands of faces and thousands of races mixing together everyday. Bodies walking, but also  souls thinking… feeling emotions, carrying an energy within. We are not speaking of transcendental subjects, but rather of real life. The project of the artist is to plunge into the metropolis, to absorb these energies and to transform them in art. How is he to do this? Once again the “volcanic” Catania artist, is ready to surprise his public also from overseas. "The streets of Manhattan will be filled with white sheets and they will be oiled with substances that will allow people to leave their mark, namely their footprints."  It' s possible to sense Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti’s  energy  in the tone of his voice,  "It won't only be a mark on the sheet, but the indelible sign of a soul. There will be the heavy step of the nervous man because of the argument he had with his boss, the ethereal step of the girl in love. The mud of a building site will mix with the wax of a clean apartment."  It seems as if  one can hear the imperceptible sound of the steps as they vanish amid the thousand noises of the chaotic city. Curiosity grows and the artist continues … "After thousands of people have trampled on the sheets, I will take them home and I will reflect on them. I will work on the sheets and transform them into paintings. The work will then be ready to be displayed in my exhibition." What is the message you wish to share with the New York public? ”We are all equal, we all have a soul .  We must go beyond differences." Projects for the future?  "I could make a video of my trips in the east, I could... I don't know, we don't know what happens tomorrow. In less than a month I will be in the Big Apple and I couldn’t have imagined this a little time ago. I look at the present". 

Thomas Mann says: "an artist, at heart, is always an adventurer". And  surely Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti has the talent of one with the potential to leave an indelible sign of his "adventures." 

  Alessandra Famoso  Public Relations 

  In New York, amidst art and metropolitan atmosphere, innovation takes shape and acquires its own dimension.

With his personal style, Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti transcends European borders, to live out an artistic moment characterized by "new stimuli ", such as those of a multicultural and polymorphous city like "Big Apple". The reason for this trip is the realization of a project charged with artistic and human content at the same time. And so the artist plunges into a reality made up of a thousand faces to capture its deepest spirit. In New York, Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti will give through his work a unique image to the people who will be protagonists in the painting, beyond religion or social barriers. It is not about an image with physically delineated outlines, but of the forceful representation that everyone of us emanates. Art acts as a trait d’union between the different races inside the city, a means through which material distinctions vanish through the creativity of the artist. And to give life to this conception, Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti mixes with the people, placing sheets treated with various mixtures in the city and then waiting for the marvel to take place. The souls of the city pervade the fabric and fuse together with it. Part of the work is thus completed, but the personal touch of the artist is still missing. The sheets that first covered the streets in New York, will then be mounted so the painter can give a magic touch to those imprints, an expression of the energy given by the ensemble of the people living in the city.   

Costanza Calleri    

The author of the project.  

There is no being that doesn't leave its marks, and these are the testimony of his existence in this world. There is an infinite number of traditions, philosophies, religions, customs that try to divide the thinking of people on this earth. Through this project,  I hope to testify to the equality of all those who tread on the sheets, that represent the Earth, the "world" on which they walk.

Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti   




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