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February, 06, 2007


IMPRINTS "Impronte "

"A body in movement contains life, the testimony lies in seeing the traces of its movements, its imprints."

Casa Sicilia - The Empire State Building

350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3600D New York

                             From April 9 to April 22,  2007 


Press conference for Italy: Tuesday, February 13  at 5 pm,  Via Etnea 205 Catania. Circolo degli Artisti - Casa Sicilia. 

Information / booking telephone: 095 311362 


Exhibition opening : Monday April 9  at 6 pm "New York" 

Time: Until 22, April, 2007, from  10 am  to  7 pm 

"Free entry" 

The answers that you carry in your heart are those that bring wellbeing to everybody. 

The life that you interpret is a good thing if it is seen as a fable. 

The game of fables, the overlap of dream and reality, tones with undefined outlines, the black and white fuse with each other, confounding us, which apparently seem defined. 

Appearance doesn't exist, everything is what it is, and what the mind believes it to be, therefore what is apparent is real and the real is apparent, where the border defines one or the other. 

The mind creates illusion; to dispel the illusion means to free the mind, freeing the mind makes us see what is real. To take pleasure in what really is, not what could be, or what one would like it to be, creates the mental void that becomes the premise for departure and precondition of arrival, there are no longer limits or borders. 

If the mind is free, you are free, your wings are spread, and there is no longer separation between you and the cosmos. You are the cosmos. 

                                                                                        DELIA BARBAGALLO 

In a metropolis only few live, the others survive.  

Imagine yourself then in New York, where in the gridlock of human indifference, the heart and mind travel between one stop and another on the subway. However, this agglomeration of chaos has a soul. To be dismantled. And to be rewritten with another language. Not that of the alienating detachment that distinguishes men in overcoats, boys deafened by music through headphones and women clutching only their bags.

And in this expanse of sand, that hides the jewel of the multiform spirit, there is someone who wishes to dig, to penetrate the shell of this epoch in which we are confined, to find the water that nourishes that soul and awaken it from numbness. By gradually shattering appearances, we may then touch truth with our hands. Possibly even with our feet, in contrast to the usual automation that makes us hold out our arms, stretch them out ahead and to search with our fingers among the things of life. In the first case, it is easier to maintain control, not to lose balance, to scratch and then withdraw the gesture, to seize and then release, to cling and try not to fall. Instead it’s not the same with the feet. With the feet you can transfer energy instead in the direction you want, you can march, jump, pirouette or simply walk, but without bluffing. In a word, you can reveal yourself. Or better still, show your real self. This is the sense of "Imprints": keeping your ears open and listening in silence to what people have to tell through the body, starting from the aesthetic and formal expression, but going beyond it. And so, incompatible identities of the same person will be revealed, or even, identical emotions of an entire people; and at the same time, the underground culture, the wounds of history, the dignity of a district, the voices of grief. The semantic island of liberty and truth will arise from this barren earth. And it will then be framed to become a work and finally displayed. And only those who use love and creativeness, profundity and its alphabet as an instrument, can become its medium. The interpreter. This is the artist. This is Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti: he who knows to tell a story still to be invented.  

                                                                                        ASSIA LA ROSA 

                      Sunday  February, 04,  2007  Giornale di Sicilia - PAG.34 "      

 My Art for Peace. 

"Anyone passing through this world has some responsibilities and something in common with others: the soul." 

Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti, the creative “catanese” artist, will bring "Imprints" to the Big Apple in April. The exhibition of his paintings will be held at Casa Sicilia in the Empire State Building, a focal point for Sicilians in America in New York. 

"I thought of a project that would not only serve to promote my art but above all would carry an idea of peace”- he explains – “When we walk we leave imprints. I will lay some sheets on the sidewalks for roughly five hours, oiling them with different mixtures and I will allow people to tread on these sheets and later I will explain my artistic project to them. 

It’s a project that unites people from any culture, all will bring substances both at a material and energy level, because everybody emanates an energy, negative and positive, both of which are part of this universe and both have to live side by side." 

The overlapping imprints will create some images that the artist "looking with the eyes of a child" will render visible to others: "Every day I’ll frame the sheets and create a work, my aim is to finish it for the following day, so at the end there will be around forty."  His creative universe, ranging from sculpture to painting, is at the Casa Museo Sotto l’Etna, because “Etna is our great ally.” Art is the revelation of his internal world.  The myth of the east influences him and his technique starts from the painting of shadows and from the use and reuse of materials. 

"Everything contains Life: the saliva, the dust of Etna, the varnish of sanded down furniture during restoration. 

On the sheet the body follows the movements of the mind, so many marks are created then I see some lines that start to take shape and to let others perceive what my eyes see, I trace them in black, they seem like childish drawings, but I make them childish precisely to make them apparent to everybody. 

Within there is a symbolism that is not studied, a project that arises from my thinking." 


  We are passing through! On this earth, in this life, we are in transit! We are helpless and powerless human beings, controlled by a destiny that allows us love, joy, life but constrains us to an indeterminate ending. We seek, for good or evil, to leave a sign of our passage on this planet.  

An imprint of our existence that contains the energy of our soul. We are souls moving  in the world creating life and art. Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti gives us an instant of life. A rift in the temporal arc that stops time and space to imprint on the world the passage of our souls. The imprints of passing life. The imprints of human beings that, like signs, allow us to read and decipher our life, our presence on the earth. 

It is a question of an immortal work. Of a symbolic elaboration of the entire human existence, traced along his infinite path. Whoever knows the joy of life and the abyss of death, is aware that a simple imprint can be important. Whoever perceives the brevity of a whole life, understands the immensity of an instant. Again, Claudio communicates positively on the gift God has offered us, again he sets the world on a large canvas, again he transforms our life into art. 


                                                                                           ELISA TOSCANO



I think that if I have managed to achieve all this, given my age, it still remains a small step.  I owe it to all those that have thought of me, embraced me, loved me, and, sometimes also hated me. 

When a sister, a brother, meet me today and I tell them the news, (or it has already arrived), they all are thrilled, and are happy for me.  

They pay me so many compliments, they ask me: how have you managed it? And inside my heart, just as full of joy, I feel that what I am I owe to all those that even for an instant, have thought of me, because in that instant, I have perceived their approval, the blessing of God, who lives in all of us. 

A match is a match, but if there are many matches, the flame grows. It doesn't matter if time will consume them sooner, but the heat is greater, the flame is united, it is compact.  But we aren’t matches, our soul doesn't go out, even if it by abandons our bodies. 

I write as if I’m speaking casually with some friends. What a fortune to have them! It is not true that there are really only few friends, friends exist, friendship exists; the important thing is not to take advantage of them and to overcome problems. As good wine passes years inside a barrel, the early wine will be good, but to get drunk on old wine is really another story. 

I feel happy, even if I have known a greater happiness, maybe even bound to true peace, to prayer.

Perhaps I should write about the latest news of the project, but I am sure that with so much energy involved there will be much to talk about.   

Many speak of an exhibition in New York, but believe me, the exhibition will be the last step of the project that I hope may still teach me more because I feel that I have a lifetime to learn. 

The night lying in my bed, despite tiredness, despite contrasts with euphoria, the thought drives me, frightens me, because as everybody says only idiots ignore fear. Rather I say, that whoever is afraid is careful not to lose the most precious thing: Life. 

Excuse me, but lately it often happens that I have so many things to say, and then I can’t  complete one of them, that others are tied up to an ocean of things.

I was saying, why this fear for the exhibition. Simply: I put my works there…Vernissage…and the game is done. Wasn’t I good! I made an exhibition in New York in the Empire State Building, what an occasion!

But I felt a greater wish: the stimulus of New York, the Big Apple, how much Art: those who sectioned dead bodies and made installations, who with wrecking balls made holes in the roofs of the houses, earning great sums of money; I could go on, talking about more desperate cases of those needing expression, emotion, to be talked about. 

How could I fit in with a show, among hundreds, thousands of artists and exhibitions; and the space deserves the best of my ability, the wind with all the things it carries requested a mission, offering me only one ally: Divine Providence. 

It may seem easy to present oneself at the centre of the city and lay out some sheets and arrange things so that those sheets leave signs in the minds of the people, that are there for everybody, as the world is for everybody, equality for all those present. 

Anyone can tread on those sheets, of whatever religion, social condition, political tendency; everything in movement that is animated contains life because it safeguards the flame of an essence. 

In the world people still fight against other people, deceived by the very same reasons for which they aggregate together, born out of an apparent distinction. 

But is it possible that in 2007 we have arrived at this point? We have manipulated nuclear  science for the extermination of our brothers. But with what criteria are men still called to war to fight against the children of other mothers? And with what criteria does distance of war make us think we are not responsible and at the same time not the victims of that war?  And how can we imagine that millions of people die, in atrocious suffering, and that they can leave their bodies with such indifference without any great exhalation of suffering, that will, in a few hours, be sensed by the entire planet? 

Think of the smoke, brought by the wind, the smoke rises up to the sky but the suffering no, the sky has its barriers. God suffers, because he sees his children that are exterminated, and he tries to call to them, to their hearts deafened by hate. 

Well, I was unable not to consider that it was time to act, in a world where you are only a number. I will lay out these whites sheets, so much good, so much evil; these are the rules, an Angel lends you a hand, a demon tries to trip you up, and these entities live both in the soul as well as in the flesh. 

With these sheets, I very much hope that my Art, that delineates the imprinted energies, can create in the name of humanity, in the name of peace, a story that may become an impetus for other stories, of which the world fortunately is rich in, but unfortunately, has difficulty in living out. 

Thanks to everybody, Claudio Arezzo di Trifiletti 



Press Office and Public Relations: 

Elisa Toscano Tel. +39 347 6397925 - info@parlareinpubblico.it 

Skype me by the web site www.parlareinpubblico.it









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